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Sharpening Machine

Sharpening Machine

The Swiss pencil sharpener

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Revolutionary by its precision, this desktop pencil sharpener was created by the Swiss manufacturer with whom Calepino decided to collaborate. Length of the pencil point can be changed, pencils from 4 to 10mm in diameter, supplied clamp.
149,00 €
149.00 €
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  • Sharpening Machine

    Rotary blade cylinder

    Each pencil sharpening machine includes a removable sharpening blade.
  • Sharpening Machine

    Shaving drawer

    Removable metal drawer holds the shavings and keeps your table clean.
  • Sharpening Machine

    Adjustment screw

    Adjustment screw which permits several different settings for more precision.
  • Sharpening Machine


    Keep you machine on the table while sharpening your full pencils' collection !

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