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Wooden Pencil

Wooden Pencil

Set of 6 pencils

Marque / Fournisseur : Calepino

Classé dans : Extras

Pencils made in the traditional way in the Loire region for Calepino in the last business to still make pencils in France. Whatever you may call it, this FSC certified wood, from developed and durable forests. 19,6% off for non EU customers.

7,00 €

7.00 €

  • Hexagonal Form

    Wooden Pencil This pencil is made in a hexagonal form, allowing a better grip for your hand and your sketches.
  • Branding

    Wooden Pencil The branding of these pencils was made on a yellow body, mounted with a red eraser.
  • Pack of 6 pencils

    Wooden Pencil Sold in packs of 6 pencils, non-sharpened, in a reusable zip-up bag.
  • Details

    Wooden Pencil 7.5 mm in diameter, 19.0 cm long, Pulay wood, FSC certified, red eraser, black collar, yellow body with black markings.

Made in France

  • Pencils made in the Loire region by the last company to make pencils in France.


  • Pencil made from Pulay wood FSC label: originating from a durably developed forest.
  • Eraser made from 0% illegal substances according to the law EN-71.


  • Dispatched within 48 hours.
  • Free delivery in metropolitan France from 39 euros of purchases.
  • Secure payment.

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