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"Alteration" (Sold out)

"Alteration" (Sold out)

Ltd Ed 500 numbered

Marque / Fournisseur : Calepino

Classé dans : Notebooks

The limited edition "ALTERATION" is an artistic collaboration. Only 500 packs of 3 notebooks manually printed in letterpress are available. Each box is numbered. Calepino and the workshop from Nantes played with the word "casse" to compose 4 different illustrations: "casse"TAGNE, "casse"QUETTE", RAS"casse", CAR"casse".
  • La "Casse"...

    "Alteration" (Sold out) The concept of this special edition is based on a wordplay. The french word "casse" (job case) is mixed to create a new meaning and to inspire the illustrations of each notebook and box.
  • 3 memo books and case

    "Alteration" (Sold out) On ordering this limited edition, you shall receive a special pack of 3 different ruled books and a cardboard box set.
  • 500 numbered copies

    "Alteration" (Sold out) Cette édition a été imprimée manuellement en letterpress. Sheet after sheet, each cover is unique. Each case is numbered. 500 copies only.
  • Video on the production

    "Alteration" (Sold out) From the printing of the notebooks to the numbering of the cases, discover the video that shows all stages of the creation process from the workshop.

Made in France

  • Cover and case made from cardboard elaborated by a french card-maker at the start of the 20th century.
  • Paper made in France, printed in Nantes and designed in a family business in Nantes.


  • Recycled Paper, European Eco-label, made from 100% recycled fibers, FSC label, PEFC and ISO 1401.
  • Cover and case 100% recycled, "Ange Bleu" Eco-label.
  • Printed with vegetable-based ink..


  • Limited edition dispatched within 7 days.
  • Free delivery in metropolitan France from 39 euros of purchases.
  • Secure payment .

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