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Refer your friends, get your free Calepino

The facts

CALEPINO hasn't got any promotional budget and doesn't want to invest any money in buying ads.
Therefore, instead of starting to sell from door-to-door or to rent a plane to make some promotion over the coasts, it has been decided to ask you to do the job.

Your mission, if you accept it: like a real super salesman you make the promotion for CALEPINO (by email, social networks), you share the good news, you tell it to your friends, your family, your parents...


What do you earn if your friends buy on the website ?

  • They'll stop robbing your CALEPINO notebooks.
  • You may become their model of "bon goût".. probably.
  • Last but not least, you get 9,00 € to be spent at the webshop, so your next set of 3 CALEPINO notebooks.
We call it sponsorship, and you can sponsor as many friends as you wish. 
Moreover, your friends will get a discount of 10% on their order.

The only condition to sponsor someone else: Having ordered already once.

If it is the case, log in to go to the referal program page :

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