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About Calepino


    Rounded corners, robust cover and practical dimensions, the CALEPINO notebooks were designed to be carried anywhere. Stored in a pocket or at the bottom of a bag, the notebooks are the ultimate accessories for jotting down unexpected ideas, for writing down your new big ideas: shopping lists, sketches and revolutionary inventions, travel log, memories from trips, books you have read, or have yet to read, layouts of prospective houses, seeds for the garden, phone numbers, journals, dreams, secret codes, testament, song lyrics, delicious recipes, menus and the weather forecast.


    Based in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, CALEPINO decided to support the local expertise, to plan their approach on an impartial human scale, and to reduce all transport related to the manufacturing of the product. Thus, all our notebooks are printed and made in a local and reputable family business in the region of Nantes, which has the french "Imprim'Vert" certification. The cardboard is made in a French cardboard factory created in 1927. Each book is individually controlled, and each case is folded and composed by hand. As for the pens and pencils, they are produced near Paris and Lay. Some pictures of the making process on the blog.

    100% RECYCLED

    To produce trying our hardest to respect the environment, is one of the biggest challenges that CALEPINO face. The raw materials used (cardboard and paper) are of high quality and 100% recycled. The cardboard shaped for the covers and the cases all bear the Eco-label “Ange Bleu”, and entirely recycled and void of any dangerous substances. The paper comes from durable forests, the paper is whitened without any chlorine and comes from 100% recycled fibers (FSC, PEFC and ISO 14001 labels). The product is printed in joy and happiness in the Heidelberg printing facilities with vegetable-based ink. In order to avoid using plastic, the notebooks are not stored in clingfilm but in recycled cardboard.

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