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Calepino now in Montreal at ROONEY

25 Octobre 2012

Calepino is now available at ROONEY in Montreal, Canada. You may also have a look at their beautiful webshop.

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Work in progress

25 Octobre 2012

Work in progress...

Launch event 22th November 2012 in Nantes, France 6pm
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18 Octobre 2012

Calepino Anniversary with Emilie Bransac

Version française :
  • In a short time it will be the anniversary of Calepino. First year, and a first evening in Nantes to celebrate it. It will be simple, but it will be an opportunity to meet each other in "real" and also the opportunity to unveil a very very limited edition in collaboration with Emilie Bransac, an artist from Nantes. The "official" invitation will soon be on the blog and in the newsletter. In the meantime make sure to note the date in your notebook: Thursday, November 22 - 6pm - One year anniversary + the launch event of the limited edition with Emilie Bransac and of course you're invited! For people who don't leave around, I hope you can also make the trip, come and have a drink with us.


  • The other important event of this year will be the release of the new creation by Calepino. For those who follow us on the blog or Facebook, they will guess what it is ... I'll let others try to find what it will be. Already drawn, it remains only to print and assemble. And for that, Calepino needs your support. Indeed, for the first time, this item will be first available for pre-sale to raise the funds necessary to finance its manufacture and to deliver it in mid-November. To thank the 100 subscribers who will support the project and allow this creation, there will be a special pre-sale price. If you want to discover in advance this creation and support it, please leave your email address on this page: Newsletter subscription


  • As you may know Calepino now offers a customization service for the notebooks. Many brands and events have requested to do so in recent weeks. So now we are dealing with the printing of these beautiful custom items. I will not fail to advertise on the blog and share pictures as soon as I can. If you ever want to also carry notebooks in collaboration with Calepino to propose before the end of the year, do not wait more .. it takes a month of delay.


  • And, new copper tools coming soon. A Christmas market near Angers (France) in December. Some white alabaster. Some letterpress. Wooden pencils that are not yellow. Some screen printing. Some sewn-drawn. And other surprises for the coming months.


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