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Project A......... : following

30 Avril 2012
A quick note to give you some news before the weekend,
and also I must confess to maintain the suspense.
Always working hard on this project ....... A.
The new project in collaboration between Calepino and a workshop in Nantes.
The manual printing step is nearly completed.
There are still many steps before its release. But that advance rather well.
For now, it is more difficult to show too many pictures without revealing already the subject.
But be aware that it is about fish, hat, fight and old cars ... hope it helps right?


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Project A......... : D-Day

19 Avril 2012

10 AM.
Vandercook n°4 OK.
Cardboard loaded.
Manual printing.
La Casse is ready.
The projet A…….. is on track.

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In passing...

16 Avril 2012

Very little news on the blog lately. But it does not prevent Calepino to work hard. Big week in perspective. While some of you are on holidays, Calepino started a colaboration with the graphic studio LA CASSE to produce a very special edition ... Some photos by Thursday to keep you informed from the workshop.


Moreover, as you may have read elsewhere, after Dallas, New Yok and Washington, the notebooks are also available online in the U.S. through the webshop Beautiful packshot pictures made for the occasion.


Calepino et


Discover also an article on the blog of Monsieur Marcel (in french) and an interview on La Belle Echoppe (in english).

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