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In the local press

28 Février 2012

Calepino in the local news in Nantes. All press releases can be found on the following page :
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Calepino in New-York

14 Février 2012

Since Calepino was launched, the pocketbooks won a considerable success outside of France. The international orders must be at least 20/30%, and the notebooks had been sent in more than thirty countries now.

But in recent weeks, more and more stores outside the country have also shown interest in the distribution. So, after Belgium, the UK, it is the turn of the United States to host Calepino. And it happens to start in New York in the beautiful Bookstore-Cafe McNally Jackson, located in Manhattan at 52 Prince Street between Lafayette and Mulberry. Beautiful independent bookstore... here are some pictures.


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Calepino and the Ville Rose

01 Février 2012

For the people living in the city of Toulouse (also called "Ville Rose" - "Pink City"), you may now be able to purchase your Calepino notebooks as well as the pens and wooden pencils in the beautiful shop "PAPIER ETC" located at the 25th rue Boulbonne in Toulouse. Christophe, the boss, has even redecorated the store window with the pocketbooks as you can see on the following pictures. Feel free to come and see.

And speaking of shops offering Calepino, in a short time you will get a glimpse of those of New York and Brussels... so proud ...:) 
Feel free to suggest other places of nice shops in your city. Thank you in advance.


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