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The following day

26 Novembre 2011

That's it. The Black Friday is gone.

Lots of orders, nice messages and a full day preparing the parcels. Thanks to the ones that have participated to this day, and I think I will reorganize it next year.

Many of you have ordered the Panoplie, even several Panoplies. Therefore I'm starting to think that I may have to modify this to add a new product for it. Still keeping the same materials and producing localy. The launch, the stock and the website have took a lot of the ressources. So I'll go step by step, and will try to create this new Calepino product for the beginning of 2012, concentrating on the quality and affordable price. To be continued.

Until this, and because many of you sent comments regarding the quality of the drawing that was used for the BlackFriday, on a Calepino N°2, on the homepage. MOON, the graphic designer who did this illustration,  made me a nice surprise by taking some pictures of each steps of this creation. So, to end November with a nice touch, here is his beautiful gift in 12 pictures. Enjoy !

 More illustrations from MOON on his website :


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The 25th, 25% discount for 25 hours

24 Novembre 2011


This Friday, 25th of November, we'll be exactly one month before Christmas
At this occasion and to celebrate Black Friday,
for one day only,
buy anything from the Calepino and get 25% discount.
No promo code. No coupon. No minimum order.
The discount is automatic for 25 hours.
You dont even have to know about this offer.
When you buy something on this friday you got the discount.

This is the last offer of the year.
It starts at 8am (UTC/GMT +1, Paris time) and ends at 9am on Saturday.
One day only.
For the ones that haven't started yet to purchase their Chrismas gifts,
that might be the day...
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25 - 25 - 25

23 Novembre 2011


Friday 25th November ...

1 month before Xmas ...

Black Friday ...

Calepino event...

One day only ...

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Calepino @ FrenchTrotters + La Belle Echoppe

23 Novembre 2011

As you may have seen on the page "Points de vente", you may now find Calepino in two new shops in Paris.

These are the two concept-stores FRENCHTROTTERS created by Carole and Clarent, two fashion addits always looking for the last art and fashion trends :

  • Bastille area, 30 rue de Charonne, Paris 11th
  • Marais area, 116 rue Vieille du Temple, Paris 3rd
Apart from Calepino, at FrenchTrotters, you will find around 50 brands from the men's fashion universe, accessories and publications.



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Birds from Marion

22 Novembre 2011


Picture sent by a Calepino user with nice message  :

"Merci Calepino. Parce que rien de mieux que de la plume sur un beau papier comme le votre! Marion"

"Thanks Calepino. Because nothing is better than a fountain pen on a beautiful paper like yours! Marion"

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Behind the scene (part3) : Shapes and cuts

21 Novembre 2011

Third and last photo report of the CALEPINO creation process at the printing factory. This time we look at the machines and cutting-dies.

Photos from Souenellen & Moon.

Third part : Shapes and cuts


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Your pictures 11-18-11

18 Novembre 2011

Before the week-end some pictures you sent this week...

To start, some nice drawings by MamzelleCarnetO :

Then, some picture from a nice Baker in Nantes (France) : Pain, Beurre & Chocolat

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Behind the scene (part2) : Colors and printing

18 Novembre 2011

Following pictures during the production of the CALEPINO notebooks at the printing factory. Tomorrow the last part ...

Performed by Souenellen & Moon.

Second part : Colors and printing

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Behind the scene (part1) : Environment and machines

17 Novembre 2011

The main job for Calepino is mainly the printing and the forwarding. Since the end of October the website is receiving thousands of visitors and a lot questions about the 100% local manufacturing process. So, to show you how it works from behing the scene, here are some pictures from the printing factory in the suburb of Nantes (France). A huge thanks to Souenellen and Moon for this pictures that I will publish in three parts during three days.


First part : Environment and machines

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Do you speak french ?

15 Novembre 2011

Calepino from the print factory

If you don't speak french, here is the english version of the Calepino website.

I took the same picture as the first post in french version, just to start the same way. You can now order your first CALEPINO from the webshop in english. We ship worldwide, but if your country is not listed during the checkout process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Calepino, it's the new notebook coming in three different ways ; It's also the last one to be totaly produced in France. Calepino also proposes a set of black ball-point pens as well as a set of wooden pencils.
So, I wish you a nice visit into the webshop, and if you are already planing your christmas presents, do not hesitate to go for some memo books from the shop.

And to celebrate the launch, there is a 10% discount if you subscribe to the newsletter.
And also some surprises in each parcel shipped in the next days... don't wait too long, there won't be enough for everyone.

I will try to do my best to write in a good english.. but as you may know french people are not the best for languages :-)... so if ever you see some mistakes do not hesitate to tell me. I will aslo try to improve the whole english translation of the website in the coming days.. I just wanted to open it ASAP, as 70% of the visitors were coming from ouside of France so far...


Fabrice for CALEPINO

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