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Édition Éphémère N°1 : FILS de DEEP

12 Septembre 2014  | Published in :  | by Calepino  | no comment yet

Edition éphémère n°1, FILS de DEEP, Calepino x À Deux Doigts, october 2014. Read more

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Calepino X ...

05 Septembre 2014  | Published in : Limited Editions  | by Calepino  | no comment yet
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Calepino - Please Do Not Enter

22 Août 2014  | Published in : Calepino, Limited Editions  | by Calepino  | no comment yet

Set of pocket Calepino notebooks printed in letterpress for concept store in Los-Angeles Please do not Enter, in collaboration with studio be-pôles.

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Centre Pompidou, Seoul, Australia and St Ives

05 Juin 2014  | Published in : Calepino, Retail locations  | by Calepino  | no comment yet

Since the end of May, Calepino notebooks and accessories are available at the Centre Pompidou - Beaubourg - Paris.

As well as in the nice shop Oval in Seoul/Corea, Academy in St Ives/UK and at Telegram Co. (Australia).

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Calepino X Koralie X Espace LVL

17 Mai 2014  | Published in : Calepino, Limited Editions  | by Calepino  | no comment yet

 Photo : Koralie

For her art exhibition "CRUCIFORM TRAVEL (LE DEPART)" 16th May to the 14th of June at the gallery Espace LVL in Nantes, the artist KORALIE proposed one of her artwork to create a limited edition of the Calepino notebooks, which are the hand stamped and signed by the artist.

These notebooks are not proposed on our website but only at the gallery : Espace LVL - 1 rue Bâtonnier Yves Guinaudeau – 44100 Nantes Tel: +33 0 623 740 426


Photo : Adeline Moreau

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Letterpress printing for bespoke notebooks

06 Mai 2014  | Published in : Calepino  | by Calepino  | no comment yet
It's working hard at the letterpress print shop these last weeks.
All cardboard covers are being printed in letterpress for custom notebooks' projects and classic collection.


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The missing N°4 Dot Grid notebook

06 Mai 2014  | Published in : Calepino  | by Calepino  | no comment yet

(Version française : cliquez ici)

Some of you had noticed.
For several months the numbering of the classic Calepino collection had an issue. In the continuity of the pocket notebooks # 1, # 2 and # 3, the large books were released in late 2013 with the numbers 5, 6 and 7.
Thus missing the # 4 ...
Early oblivion because this one was ready for a long time, but waiting for the right moment to reveal.

The N°4 DOT GRID notebook is now added to the classic collection : white cover with 2 gray stripes, 48 pages of dot grids for drawing or writing.
Probably a good compromise between the ruled and graph paper.


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A new classic to come

21 Mars 2014  | Published in : Calepino  | by Calepino  | no comment yet

At the workshop, working on the classic range. Release date : june 2014.

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On TV in english and arabic

01 Mars 2014  | Published in : Press  | by Calepino  | no comment yet

The TV channel France24 was at Calepino's some days ago. Here is a sample in arabic and in english.

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Idîle Magazine

23 Février 2014  | Published in : Calepino, Press  | by Calepino  | no comment yet

Thank you Gina and Damien for this nice article about Calepino in Idîle magazine.
Thank you Michael, the photographer, who also gave some great black and white Polaroides pictures !

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Calepino on TV

14 Février 2014  | Published in : Calepino, Press  | by Calepino  | no comment yet

A TV journalist today at Calepino's.

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A Cheval

13 Février 2014  | Published in : Calepino, Limited Editions  | by Calepino  | no comment yet

Calepino x Espace LVL notebooks for the collective exhibition "A Cheval" - Between graphic design and contemporary art - with Etienne Bardelli, Guillaumit, Hell'o Monsters, Cody Hudson, La Boca, Geoff McFetridge.

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Carnets de Saison - ELLE February 2014

15 Janvier 2014  | Published in : Press  | by Calepino  | no comment yet

Thank you Ana Pirio who told us on Twitter about the Calepino "Carnets de Saison" being in the last issue of ELLE Deco UK Ferbruary 2014 with Liberty London.


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Calepino x Moon

30 Décembre 2013  | Published in : Calepino, Limited Editions  | by Calepino  | no comment yet

Handmade limited edition of 3 sets of 3 illustrated pocket notebooks by the artist MÖÖN.
The illustrations were done with pencils directly on the notebooks' covers. Each notebook is unique.

SOLD OUT in few hours. To be informed about next limited series subscribe to the Calepino newsletter.


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New : Calepino large notebooks

16 Décembre 2013  | Published in : Calepino  | by Calepino  | no comment yet

The Calepino large notebooks (N°5, N°6 et N°7) are there !

Large ruled Calepino notebook

Large Calepino notebook graph paper

Large Calepino sketchbook Notebook

Letterpress printed, colored stitching, by set of two notebooks with a belly band also printed in letterpress and numbered. At the end we also added a postal card in each pack...
Everything is made in France, printed by Hugues at the letterpress workshop in Nantes.

You can see them in the online shop : Calepino large notebooks

We made a film of the first printing, that you can see there : Letterpress printing of the first large notebooks with Hugues Read more

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