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  • The large notebooks

    Letterpress printing

  • N°1 ruled paper

    The small memo book for your next big ideas

  • Wooden Pencils

    6 pencils made from Pulay wood (FSC label)

  • N°2 graph paper

    Small quares sizing your sketches

  • Black ball-point pens

    Pack of 6 black pens, 1956 re-release

  • N°3 plain paper

    For sketch & pencil addicts

N°2 graph paper

Carnet et calepin petits carreaux Calepino

The technical notebook with squared pages, which one may take anywhere, to the workshop, the office or a building site.

Black ball-point pen

set de 6 stylos bille noirs calepino

The first retractable bic ball-point pen in history, re-released and customized by Calepino in a 6 pack.

Large notebook N°5

Large notebook Calepino with lines

At the market, on a bike, on holiday or in heaven: Take it everywhere you go! A set of 2 large notebooks with lined paper.

Letterpress printing

Letterpress notebook printing at the workshop

A video showing the production process for the notebooks printed in letterpress, in a small french workshop.

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